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Global COVID-19 cases surpass 1.5m, total deaths top 87,000

Germany's Merkel has rejected demands for a common euro zone bonds while the UK has relaxed rules on exercise and travel for those with special conditions.

April 09, 2020

Oxfam: Pandemic could plunge half a billion people into poverty

The report released by the Nairobi-based charity calculated the impact of the crisis on global poverty due to shrinking household incomes or consumption.

April 09, 2020

Sub-Saharan Africa to fall into recession in 2020, says World Bank

The bank’s Africa’s Pulse report said this year’s growth will be between minus 2.1 percent to minus 5.1 percent from 2.4 percent last year.

April 09, 2020

Africa strives to navigate challenges as cases exceed 10,000

Several countries have been on lockdown as Africa continues to see an upsurge in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

April 09, 2020